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Visuals for Learning

One of the common myths in the training field is the idea that some learners are "visual" while others are "auditory." Read this article appearing in the March issue of Training & Development.

Accelerating Expertise With Scenario-Based Learning

Download Ruth’s latest article, appearing in the January issue of Training & Development. In this article she discusses Scenario-Based Learning, and the acceleration it can bring to teaching nonroutine job tasks.

Harnessing the Virtual Classroom

Click here to download Ruth’s latest article appearing in the November issue of Training & Development. In this article she summarizes lessons learned from users of synchronous training software.

Efficiency in e-Learning: Proven instructional
methods for faster, better online learning

Read this article appearing in the November issue of the E-guild’s journal. It summarizes some key principals from Ruth’s latest book. For a preview of the book, download part of chapter 1 from the link below.

Efficiency in Learning:Sneak Preview of New Book

Download the Introduction to Part I and the first half of Chapter 1 to preview this exciting new book by Dr. Clark written with Frank Nguyen and John Sweller. This book summarizes guidelines, research, and examples of how to apply cognitive load theory to all instructional environments from the classroom to e-learning.

Aligning Training to Business Results –
Seven routes to explore with your CEO

Read Dr. Ruth Clark and Dr. Ann Kwinn’s latest article and see how they have laid out seven paths that can help you align training programs to business goals successfully. This article was published in Training & Development magazine June 2005.

Four Steps to Effective Virtual Classroom Training –
Which is better: Traditional Classrooms or Virtual Classrooms?

Read this article and find out directly from Dr. Clark in her article for the e-Learning Developers’ Journal, May 16, 2005 written specifically for the e-Guild.

A Conversation with Dr. Ruth Clark

Appearing in the fall 2004 publication of the Canadian Learning Journal.

More Than Just Eye Candy: Graphics for e-Learning

Part 1 of Dr. Clark's article, which appeared in the August 11, 2003 edition of The e-Learning Developers' Journal, covers appropriate usage of visuals that teach, as well as defining types of graphics and their intended function. (Note: This is a 2MB file)

The Part 2 conclusion of this article, written by Dr. Clark's colleague Ms. Chopeta Lyons, followed in the September 2003 edition. (Note: This is a 4MB file)

The New ISD: Applying Cognitive Strategies
to Instructional Design

Is ISD Dead? Several recent articles in Training Magazine have suggested the demise of ISD. For an alternative view read Dr. Ruth's latest article appearing in the special August issue of Performance Improvement. (Note: This is a 650kb file)

Online Strategies To Improve Workplace Performance:
Lessons from the WWW

Read this article by Dr. Ruth. It appeared in ISPI's journal, Performance Improvement, Volume 40 #8, pages 24-30. (Note: This is a 1.45Mb file)

Recycling Knowledge With Learning Objects

Read this article by Dr. Ruth. It appeared in Training & Development magazine October 1998, p. 60-61.

A Pebble - in - the Pond: Model for Instructional Design

Read this article by M. David Merrill. It appeared in the August 2002, Performance Improvement, Volume 41, Number 7, pages 39-44.


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